Yale’s Jewish Community

Check out www.yale.edu/jlic for more info.

Of the 5,300 Yale Undergraduates, over 1,200 are Jewish. Of them, about 500 are active participants in Slifka Center Activities.

The Orthodox Community at Yale is smaller than many other schools, approximately 35 students divided between undergraduate and graduate students, but equally vibrant. The Rappoports give weekly classes, whether it be Pizza and Learning on Sundays, to Bekiut and Iyyun Gemarah Shiurim during the week. There are three minyanim daily and a full Kosher Meal Plan.

The OU-JLIC program also sponsors guest speakers several times a semester, and hosts various seasonal events including a Simchat Beit Hashoeva on Sukkot and a Chanukkah Party. All events and Minyanim take place at the Slifka Center, 80 Wall st. New Haven, CT 06511

To arrange a visit, please contact Rabbi Zuckier

Jewish Life at Yale

There are about 10,000 students in Yale graduate and undergraduate programs, approximately 20-25% of whom are Jewish. Jewish life at Yale centers around the Joseph Slifka Center, home of the Yale Hillel, where all minyanim and shiurim take place. The Slifka Center also houses a kosher kitchen where many Yale students eat daily. There is a weekday and Shabbat Orthodox minyan at the Slifka Center. The Slifka Center has three full-time rabbis. The OU-JLIC rabbi fills the Orthodox position. The rabbis work together with the student board.

The OU-JLIC couple reaches about 100 students regularly in a variety of meaningful ways. They also work together with the Hillel board and the other staff members on various educational and cultural activities including such events as Simchat Beit HaShoeva, Messibat Channukah, Seder Tu Bishvat, Oneg Shabbat and more.

The programs offered by OU-JLIC cater to all levels and backgrounds from graduates of yeshivot in Israel with a yeshiva high school background to students with no formal background at all in Jewish learning. Their activities involve Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and other types of Jews.

The OU-JLIC staff also spend time informally with students at meals at Slifka center and invite many of the students to their home on a regular basis.

Kosher Food at Yale

The kosher kitchen housed at Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale serves meals three times daily. Breakfast and lunch are dairy and dinner is a meat meal. On Shabbat, dinner and lunch are meat and seuda shlishit (third meal) is dairy.

In addition to the many students who eat there, the Kosher Kitchen hosts many members of New Haven’s local Jewish community who enjoy bringing their families to enjoy the good food and informal atmosphere at Slifka Center.

The Kosher Kitchen is supervised by the Va’ad HaKashrus of Fairfield County administered by Rabbi Yaakov Mendelson.

Kosher restaurants and food establishments in New Haven

Young Israel House at Yale/Lindy’s/Kosher Kitchen/Slifka Center/Yale Hillel: 80 Wall St., New Haven. Call 432-1134 for prices and to check when open – when Yale College is in session.

KOSHER EXPRESS – Chinese Restaurant – open until 9.00 pm under the “OK”) (203) 387 7889

Claire’s Corner Copia (Kosher restaurant): 1000 Chapel St., New Haven. 562-3888.

Edge of the Woods (Health food store and cafe: 379 Whalley Ave., New Haven. 787-1055.

Stella’s European Bakery & Café, 372 Whalley Avenue, New Haven CT 06511, (203) 772-4779, Fax (203) 772-4779. Supervising Agency: KVH – Rabbinical Council of New England .

More than Nuts (Nuts and Candy): 60 Skiff St, Hamden. 248-NUTS. Please note that not everything in the store is necessarily under Kashrut supervision, though most is (and is apparently marked). They also have prepackaged and marked items with the various kashrut symbols and labels.

Westville Kosher Meat Market: 95 Amity Rd., New Haven. 389-1166.

Also note that the bakeries in the ‘Stop and Shop’ supermarkets located at 112 Amity Rd, New Haven and 2335 Dixwell Ave, Hamden are under KVH Kashrut supervision. Signs are posted in the bakeries.

Students Speak

“OU-JLIC has really been vital to my Jewish life in my first year at Yale. The support and effort of OU-JLIC is absolutely essential to the current vibrancy and vitality of the Yale community. JLI has done a wonderful job of providing everything that Orthodox students need, be it shiurim or just a sympathetic ear.”

“You … continue to teach me the beauty and joy of living committed Jewish lives. Your family has had a positive and lasting impact on the entire community. I am so grateful to you.”

“Just wanted to more formally express my deep appreciation to you … for taking time out of your dense schedules and family life to offer an empathetic ear to a student in need … Really, you guys go so above and beyond that which your job requires … I am extremely grateful to you both.”